compost pile

a heap of manure and vegetation and other organic residues that are decaying to become compost
Syn: ↑compost heap
Hypernyms: ↑pile, ↑heap, ↑mound, ↑agglomerate, ↑cumulation, ↑cumulus

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noun also compost heap
: a stack of alternating layers of plant debris and soil often with an admixture of animal manure or chemical fertilizer arranged so a to encourage the rapid conversion of the constituents into compost

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compost heap or compost pile,
a mound of leaves, manure, and other nutritive matter, heaped up for use as compost after its decomposition: »

Every morsel, including potato peel and pea shucks, was carried to the compost heap (Punch).

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ˈcompost heap 8 [compost heap] (especially BrE) (NAmE usually ˈcompost pile ; ) noun
a place in the garden where leaves, plants, etc. are piled, to make ↑compost

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